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Video Title: Pinky Strappy Lingerie Playtime
Model Name: Jessiheat
Video Duration: 13:19
File Size: 2.62 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Jessiheat is wearing a new set of lingerie in this video and it is quite apparent that she enjoys the feeling of being inside her own body, as well as having others witness her do so. The pink color has been meticulously painted on various parts of Jessiheat’s skin for everyone to see

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The resolution of this video is 3840×2160, and it allows viewers to fully appreciate the details of Jessiheat’s lingerie. The straps are particularly noticeable as they have been designed to be quite snug on her body, accentuating every curve

Jessiheat has a strong sexual attraction towards herself in this video and decides to satisfy that urge by fucking herself. She maintains eye contact with the audience while engaging in various sex acts, making sure everyone is included in the fun

This 13-minute video allows viewers to fully appreciate Jessiheat’s body, her lingerie collection, and most importantly, her self-love