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Video Title: I just really love Daddy
Model Name: Jessiheat
Video Duration: 11:36
File Size: 3.14 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Jessiheat is in the center of a room, dancing provocatively for her audience while wearing high-cut lingerie and keeping eye contact with one special person she calls ‘Daddy’. Jessiheat’s body moves sensuously as she teases him on camera. She has only eyes for this man and wants to please his needs.

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Jessiheat is wetting the sheets of her bed with a squirting pussy, which seems like an involuntary action caused by extreme pleasure during the video. Jessiheat’s moans get louder as she cums all over herself and gets more excited when she realizes that ‘Daddy’ enjoys this too.

Jessiheat calls her audience partner while dancing, even though it is just for one man in reality – the special person who makes Jessiheat feel like a true woman. She expresses all of her love with every move she does and gives everything to him on camera.

As the video progresses, Jessiheat reaches orgasm after orgasm while looking at ‘Daddy’ in his eyes. Even though there are other people around, it is clear that only one man has a special place in her heart: her beloved ‘Daddy’. He seems to enjoy this as much as she does and gets turned on by Jessiheat’s wet pussy too.