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Video Title: Daddy gets me ready for school
Model Name: Jessiheat
Video Duration: 10:31
File Size: 1.12 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Jessiheat has become a student in big girl school and is preparing to go back to class today. The uniform she wears seems new, but that’s not the only thing that got an upgrade, as her daddy wanted to make sure everything was perfect for his baby to feel comfortable in class again. Her ‘daddy’ has given Jessiheat a complete physical check-up and made sure all of her needs were met before sending her off with a smile on her face

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The place where the check up takes place is filled with sex toys, making it easier for both to get ready in no time. The uniform itself has become a costume that Jessiheat wears after getting checked and approved by daddy’s eyes; She feels like a princess who loves her new attire but can’t help feeling she needs more from him

Jessiheat is not just wearing any other school girl uniform, this one has been picked specifically to make sure no one will be able to see through it and the sexuality of Jessiheat will still remain. The colorful design makes her even cuter, adding a lot more value for everyone who sees her in action today

Being ready for school is not just about having the right uniform or physical check-up. It’s also making sure that emotional needs are met and no trauma will be caused during this delicate phase of growing up as a young girl into a mature woman; Jessiheat feels safe in her new environment, knowing there’s someone who takes care of every single detail required for the journey ahead