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Video Title: New Tight, Revealing Hotwife Date Night Dress & Flashing
Model Name: Janetmasonxxx1998
Video Duration: 04:07
File Size: 35.59 MB
Video Resolution: 1280×720

Janetmasonxxx1998 can be seen wearing a new dress that is tight and revealing. The color of the dress is lavender with an interesting print on it. It has been designed in such a way that Janet’s curves are hugged, making her look extremely hot. This particular style of dress accentuates her MILF body by fitting closely to it.

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Janetmasonxxx1998 is also wearing matching heels with the same lavender color which gives height and makes her even more noticeable in a crowd. The heels are tall enough that Janet has to hold on to them so as not to fall over, but they blend seamlessly into the rest of the outfit.

Janetmasonxxx1998 is standing outside with tits exposed for all to see and enjoy. It seems she had a breast augmentation done at some point which gives her 1500 cc/32H sized breasts that are quite big and round in shape, making them stand out from the rest of her body.

Janetmasonxxx1998 has also exposed her ass to the public by lifting up her dress. She did it several times so that hubby can capture great close-ups for everyone’s pleasure. Her puckered asshole is tight and winking, showing off how clean she keeps herself.