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Video Title: Sagged pants crazy day & toothbrush cum
Model Name: Iviroses
Video Duration: 16:36
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Ivi starts her morning in a peculiar way by sitting on the toilet and using a vibrator as a toothbrush which gets stuck between her buttcheeks making it difficult for her to clean herself properly. She uses this time to insert a tampon half-way into her pussy while wearing sagged jeans that expose her asscheeks from the back.

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While cleaning, Ivi wears only her blouse and tight jean shorts which she tucks under her belly exposing both front and back. She goes around the house and reaches up high to see her buttcrack lineage on the wall but still decides that it’s time for a bath so grabs her toothbrush again and takes one last dip in the tub.

As she relaxes, Ivi starts talking about how much more comfortable sagging pants are compared to regular ones. She even points out that they give you an extra boost of confidence when wearing them. But then as she’s getting dressed after her bath, a big brown dot lands right on her asscheek causing some commotion and making it hard for her to fully get ready.

Finally, Ivi is able to move forward with her day by using all the tools available including an extended vibrator that reaches both pussy and bum. She wears a button blouse tucked in tight jean shorts while reminiscing about how great it feels when you’re wearing sagged pants.