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Video Title: Night dare: naked under coat at city
Model Name: Iviroses
Video Duration: 23:58
File Size: 1.72 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman is strolling through the streets of a deserted city while wearing only high heels and a long black trenchcoat, making every passerby blush in embarrassment. She has no idea what this specific combination does to people and remains completely unaware that she is creating an outrageous sight.

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The woman reaches her favorite park bench where she sits down with the coat wide open, exposing herself from head to toe without even trying to hide it. In fact, she feels quite comfortable doing so because of a peculiar reason: every man passing by can see that she is not wearing anything underneath and they all assume this person is male.

Although slightly embarrassed at first, the woman takes out a vibrating dildo from her pocket with no one in sight. She turns it on to feel its pleasant sensation through her panties while resting against the back of the bench. The sound of heels clicking across pavement echoes loudly throughout the city as she reaches for another hidden treasure.

Her favorite dildo, named Dave is now inserted into an eager female body in public and without any inhibitions whatsoever. She continues to walk with such a strong confidence that makes her feel like master of this quiet urban park.