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Video Title: Your IRISH Tinder Date is in Trouble
Model Name: Irishskylar
Video Duration: 31:33
File Size: 9.23 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

You have planned a romantic getaway to Ireland with your partner and are excited for some private time together.
However, just as you reach the airport, she pulls out her phone and starts swiping through profiles on Tinder. She has been using this app throughout your relationship and it feels like an intrusion into your personal life.

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You have heard about Irish weather being unpredictable but are still surprised when a torrent of rain hits the windshield of your car, making driving difficult.
As you turn on the wipers she points out that there is something special and unique about Ireland – perhaps it’s the people?

She has been talking for some time about getting to know Irish culture better and meeting a real local person seems like an opportunity not be missed. Unfortunately, this specific irishman doesn’t have a place to stay and needs your help in finding one.
In fact he is standing right next to you with just a crown on his head – will you accept him as the new King of Ireland?

The rain has stopped but it feels like there’s still something wet. A man approaches, introducing himself and asking for your partner’s number.
She seems hesitant to give out such personal information so quickly and instead offers a tour around her homeland as a local guide.
This opportunity is not be missed and could lead to great things – will you take it?