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A young brunette college student is in her bedroom hiding from her parents. She wants to have sex with a man, and the door to her room is slightly open so she can see if anyone is coming. The girl takes off her clothes and lays on the bed ready for penetration.

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The woman gives a blowjob while looking at the camera, and then switches to cowgirl position. She moans loudly several times while riding the man’s cock. After some time, she has an orgasm and rolls her eyes upwards, enjoying the feeling of cum inside her pussy.

The girl puts on a t-shirt and shorts after finishing sex and sits in front of a mirror to look at herself. She touches her big breasts and plays with them before covering them with clothes again. The woman then lays on the bed facing upwards, showing her naked body and enjoying some more alone time.

The girl looks through the slightly open door, checking if anyone is around while she is still in her bedroom hiding from parents. She puts on big glasses to pretend to be a good student, but takes them off when having sex. The man then comes back and gives her a proper fucking, making both of them cum several times.