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Model Name: Immeganlive
Video Duration: 15:22
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A woman is dressed as a sexy witch and is performing an enlargement spell on a man, while he remains clothed but has an visible erection. The woman begins by wiping off spilled liquid from the man with a towel, inadvertently groping him multiple times.

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As she continues to clean and grope him, she starts to feel curious about how large he is without the towel, so she leans in for a closer look. After confirming that he is indeed not fully erect yet, she suggests trying her spell again. The man agrees and the woman begins casting the spell, causing his pants to magically unzip and his cock to start growing.

The woman continues casting the spell, smiling as she watches the man’s cock grow larger before her very eyes. She then hops on top of him and rides him while he is still fully clothed, with no penetration shown but plenty of eye contact between the two.

As she finishes riding and casting the spell, she realizes that she doesn’t know how to reverse it. However, she has an alternative way for reversing his erection: by taking him inside her once again.