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Video Title: Public Masturbation Makes Me Squirt
Model Name: Hope Penetration
Video Duration: 14:17
File Size: 1.73 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman is in the middle of a fitting room trying to find the perfect dress for an event. She tries multiple outfits, but just can’t seem to get it right. In frustration she begins to touch herself and eventually reaches orgasm several times! The sight of her squirting multiple times has been captured on this full-length video.

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The woman is completely unaware that anyone is watching as she continues to play with herself in the fitting room. She tries on different dresses, but it’s not the clothes themselves making her moan and jolt up and down, it’s her own fingers!

This amateur has no inhibitions about being recorded while touching herself in public as she continues to receive multiple orgasms from penetration. The risk of getting caught is just too much for this exhibitionist and voyeur to handle! She keeps on trying different outfits, but the real prize is her squirting multiple times all over that fitting room floor.

The video has been recorded in 1920×1080 resolution making it a high-quality view of this woman’s public masturbation. She continues to play with herself and receives orgasm after orgasm, unaware of the people around her. This fitting room has turned into an erotic place for this exhibitionist as she squirts all over that floor, leaving only remnants of what used to be a dry space.