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Video Title: Virgin Daughter Has Anal Asspirations
Model Name: Hazel Simone
Video Duration: 15:54
File Size: 1.38 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features a man entering his daughter’s room before her prom night and discovering that she is not wearing any underwear or pants, exposing her bare butt to him. The girl asks her father if he has come to check on her virginity, as some of the boys at school are expecting sex but she wants to save herself for marriage

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The daughter then proceeds to ask her father about anal sex and how it is different from regular sexual intercourse. She specifically inquires whether it hurts or not, if one should suck on the penis first, and what happens when squeezing while inside

As the conversation continues, the girl begins to talk more explicitly about anal sex and even mentions that she has been thinking of trying it out herself. She also encourages her father to join in on the fun by spreading her butt for him to see if he likes it

This video is a mix between family role-playing, incest pornography with heavy anal sex themes and no actual sexual intercourse taking place. The girl continues to talk about how good girls do anal and that she would like to try it out herself