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Video Title: AUDIO: Helping Daddy Stroke to Photos of His Ex
Model Name: Hazel Simone
Video Duration: 10:11
File Size: 21.63 MB
Video Resolution: 1280×720

Hazel Simone is the star in this audio where she plays a daughter who finds her father stroking off to photos of his ex girlfriend, Abby. She tries to help him cum as fast as possible and with minimum effort by giving all answers he needs: ‘ABBY’ was your favorite place to ejaculate? Do you think I can swallow it too?’

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She is also very curious about the sexual experiences of her father with his ex girlfriend. She asks many questions, like where did Abby liked to be cummed on and if she ever swallowed anything from your cock?: ‘Did Abby enjoy having sex with me?’, ‘Where was my favorite place for you to ejaculate?’

Her curiosity doesn’t stop just at the sexual preferences of her father. She wants to know everything about his ex girlfriend, including what kind of girl she was and why they broke up: ‘Was Abby a good person?’, ‘Why did we break up if you liked fucking her so much?’

At the end, Hazel Simone is very curious and tries to learn as many things as possible about his father’s ex girlfriend. She wants him to share every little detail with her: ‘