Harley Sin – Vote $15 In The 2024 Mv Awards For My Debut Cei Mommy Vid Free Leaked

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Video Title: VOTE $15 in the 2024 MV Awards for my debut CEI Mommy Vid
Model Name: Harley Sin
Video Duration: 28:25
File Size: 1.22 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A man is lying on his back with his legs up and penis pointing towards his mouth, while a woman holds his penis and gives him jerk off instructions. The video starts with this scene and then moves to the woman explaining male orgasm and how it feels good.

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As the video progresses, the woman talks about the importance of touching oneself correctly and keeping the penis hard for mommy, while teaching different words for a man’s penis like dick and cock. She also explains that masturbation can feel good but it feels even better when someone touches themselves.

The video then shows the man removing his pajamas and the woman making him move his arms to reveal his smooth body, including his shaved penis which she likes seeing. The woman also talks about how important it is for a man to be clean down there just like he was taught by her.

The video ends with the woman holding the man’s penis and giving jerk off instructions while explaining that this position allows him to cum in his mouth, which she finds cute. She emphasizes on the importance of doing it correctly and experiencing a good orgasm.