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Video Title: Swim Coach Matriarch 2
Model Name: Harley Sin
Video Duration: 28:00
File Size: 1.20 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Harley Sin is a professional swim coach who has taken it upon herself to educate people on the pleasures of self-stimulation.
In this video, she uses her vast knowledge of anatomical genitalia and muscles to guide you through every inch of your body.

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She starts by showing you how to touch yourself in a way that will maximize pleasure. Her technique involves squeezing the testicles gently, while at the same time applying pressure on the penis.
This allows for an intense climax and makes it possible to ejaculate all over her huge breasts.

As she strokes you slowly, Harley explains about semen production and how important it is for fertility. She also points out that testicles should be checked regularly as they can indicate potential health problems if not feeling well-rested or under pressure.
This lesson in self-stimulation concludes with an intense eye contact session where you feel like the most desired man in the world.

To end this anatomy class, Harley Sin teaches you how to maintain a healthy sperm count. She explains that hydration is key and also demonstrates different techniques for keeping yourself clean.
In the final moments of Swim Coach Matriarch 2, she emphasizes on the importance of eye contact during self-stimulation, as it can create an intimate bond between you and your partner.