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Video Title: Latex Mommys Good Boy
Model Name: Harley Sin
Video Duration: 34:58
File Size: 1.50 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Harley Sin makes her entrance in this pornographic video as Latex Mommy, a woman who dominates with grace and elegance. Her POV is that of a mother taking care of her son’s needs, but she also enjoys teasing him with latex objects and ass fetish. The setting is non-nude, making it a perfect fit for those enjoying femdom in its pure form.

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Latex Mommy uses spanking as one way to show dominance over her son. Her eyes are locked on his as she delivers the hits, creating an intimate bond between mother and child. She wears latex stockings, a symbol of how much pleasure this woman gets from pleasing others.

This Latex Mommy has mastered many forms of domination including tease & denial, cowgirl position, and smell fetish. Her son is allowed to sniff her before being denied access once more. This mother-son bond can be seen in the form of stockings on feet or hands, a reminder that she’s always watching over him.

Harley Sin has selected 1080p as the resolution for this latex mommy film debut. The setting is in her home where she feels most comfortable and safe, using all available rooms to show different forms of domination.