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Video Title: Redhead Fetish Fuck and Facial 4K
Model Name: Gaberiella Monroe
Video Duration: 16:18
File Size: 2.29 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Gaberiella Monroe is a red-haired woman who enjoys being naked in front of the camera while wearing lingerie that matches her hair color, such as teddies. She believes this makes men more attracted to her because it shows off all her curves and big ass. In fact, she can be seen pulling down her skirt and sliding out of a pair of heels, giving viewers a better view of how far up her ass the lingerie goes.

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During filming, Gaberiella Monroe gets intimate with one of her male co-stars by undressing in front of him and teasing him. She takes off her top to reveal matching red lingerie that barely covers her big breasts. The male actor is seen fondling them as they bounce out of the cups, making it obvious he’s enjoying himself.

As Gaberiella Monroe continues to seduce this man, she removes her skirt and plays with the straps on her thigh-high heels. This gives viewers a better look at how far up her ass the lingerie goes and shows off more of her big ass. She even teases by using one of her fingers to play with the string, making it seem like she’s about to take them off for him.

Gaberiella Monroe makes sure to give extra attention to this male actor because he is a real man who can handle a redhead and knows how wild they can be. She gives him direct eye contact as she strokes her big cock, pulling the straps with both hands while laying on her back so that viewers get an up-close view of Gaberiella Monroe’s big ass.