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Video Title: Sweet & Loving BJ For Daddy
Model Name: Fionadagger
Video Duration: 12:19
File Size: 118.44 MB
Video Resolution: 960×540

Fionadagger, a redhead woman with an English accent and tattoos, provides oral sex to her father in this video.
She is wearing a white dress and has long hair. She gives him a handjob with dildo too.
Her hands are soft and she massages his penis lovingly.

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Fionadagger starts deepthroating the cock of her father and strokes it faster as he moans in pleasure
She uses both hands to rub and stroke him while sucking on just the tip making sure not to hurt him.
The room is decorated with red curtains, a table for two, flowers and candles.

Fionadagger tells her father that it’s important to take care of daddy, especially when he feels bad
She massages his balls gently while sucking on the tip making sure not to hurt him.
Her mouth is soft and she whispers sweetly in his ear

The room is dimly lit with candles flickering around them creating a romantic atmosphere
Fionadagger makes eye contact with her father, smiling softly as he cums all over the table