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Video Title: Pretending You’re My Brother
Model Name: Fionadagger
Video Duration: 11:16
File Size: 1.55 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A couple is having a passionate night together after the woman has been surprised by her date’s size and how big his penis was; she initially hoped it would be big, but then realized that her brother had an even bigger one. She starts to worship this man’s penis, comparing its size to her brother’s and enjoying every inch of him.

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As the woman rides on top of this man’s cock, she feels herself stretching tightly around it and gasps at how big he is. Her embarrassment from initially calling her date ‘bigger than her brother’ quickly fades away as she realizes that there is no turning back now.

The woman continues to ride this man’s cock, enjoying every inch of him while talking dirty and referring to him as her ‘brother’. She suggests the idea of roleplaying as a turn on for them both, even thinking about inviting her real brother over next time so they could fuck together. But in reality, she just wants to keep this man inside her forever.

As the couple reaches their peak and climaxes passionately together, the woman falls asleep next to him on the bed with a huge smile on her face, enjoying all of his love for as long as it lasts.