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Video Title: JOI From Your Hot Aunt
Model Name: Fionadagger
Video Duration: 07:16
File Size: 1007.59 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

You find yourself in the company of a woman who is not only your favourite aunt but also someone with whom you have an intimate and exciting bond.

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She starts by asking you to entertain her, which involves stroking your cock until you climax. You are encouraged to do this multiple times while she watches, although there’s no pressure on the speed or style of your technique – just as long as it gets you off.

Your aunt then asks for a specific type of cumshot: one that will land right on her floor and make a mess. She enjoys cleaning up after you because she loves you, but also insists on having this particular visual treat at least once per visit.

This woman is British, English-speaking, with ginger hair and glasses – plus tattoos! The way she talks to you makes it clear that your aunt has a strong personality: posh accent, taboo roleplay, wincest… She’s not afraid of anything and wants her nephew to feel the same!