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Video Title: Free Use Daughter Cum Dumpster
Model Name: Fionadagger
Video Duration: 09:01
File Size: 852.68 MB
Video Resolution: 1080×1920

The title of this full video is Free Use Daughter Cum Dumpster and features a man taking advantage of his daughter’s ‘free use’ status to have sex with her whenever he pleases. The daughter in the video seems to be very submissive and obedient, always ready to please her father.

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The beginning of the video sees the father coming home from work early one day, but his daughter is not yet ready for him as she does not know he’s arriving. The father finds this displeasing and punishes his daughter by pulling down her panties and entering her virgin pussy before she can react.

As the video progresses, the father continues to pound away at his daughter’s tight teenage pussy while talking about various things such as how he will give her money for shopping with friends. The daughter seems grateful for this and promises to be more obedient in future.

The final moments of the video see the father reaching orgasm, filling his daughter’s small pussy with spunk before she can do the same on him. He then reprimands her for not being as attentive to her brother and reminds her that family should come first.