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Video Title: Daddy Teaches Me To 69
Model Name: Fionadagger
Video Duration: 10:12
File Size: 965.13 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features a young woman with red hair and tattoos who is learning how to please her partner orally from her father. She has a posh accent and seems inexperienced, but she is eager to learn the art of cunnilingus.

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Her father starts by reminding her of what she learned last time about giving head and encourages her to focus on not getting distracted while eating pussy. She tries her best, but it’s difficult for her because she has never done it before and finds herself struggling with the taste and texture.

Her father then starts licking her pussy as she gives him head in a 69 position. He keeps encouraging her to keep going despite the fact that he is enjoying himself so much. She soon cums from his eating her out, but it takes some time for her to get used to this new sensation and technique.

Finally, she starts sucking him off while in a POV position and begs him to cum. He does as instructed, and they both feel satisfied with the outcome of their practice session. She believes that it will take her some more time before she can fully master this technique, but is determined to keep trying until then.