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Video Title: Bratty Sis Gives Favour For Car Ride
Model Name: Fionadagger
Video Duration: 17:03
File Size: 139.06 MB
Video Resolution: 540×960

The British girl is standing next to her red car,
and the vehicle has an interesting design as it’s very tall but not so wide. She opens
the door for you, welcoming you inside the car and starts driving.
She turns on some music that sounds like classic rock which makes you feel good.

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Her accent is posh, her hair has a red color,
she wears sunglasses, but what strikes you most are her tattoos. She points out
to one of the tattoos and explains it’s about family affairs.
The tattoo artist made a mistake though – he wrote ‘brother’, not ‘sibling’.

She then tells how she dislikes this fact, but at least you get to ride in her car. She starts talking
about some dirty talk and taboo subjects which makes both of your hearts beat faster,
she even mentions about trading favours and being ready for free use.

As the brunette continues driving she tells how she wants to keep things private.
She points out that you’re not allowed to mention this ride or her tattoos
to anyone, but at least you feel relieved as a person who got a lift from such an interesting,
sweet and beautiful girl.