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Video Title: Birthday Girl Humiliated In Public
Model Name: Erin Moore
Video Duration: 09:54
File Size: 811.82 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A group of friends decided to throw a surprise birthday party for one of their members named Maddie in a public place and it turned out that the theme was BDSM

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They prepared all sorts of tools like ropes, chains, handcuffs etc. so they could properly humiliate her by tying her up on stage and stripping off her clothes. Everyone was laughing at Maddie as she got more exposed in front of an unsuspecting crowd

As the night progressed things got wilder with some participants even using a whip to spank poor Maddie’s bare butt while others were pourcing substances on her head and body. It was definitely not what she expected for her birthday celebration but that didn’t stop them from making it memorable

In the end, all of this made Maddie realize how much fun BDSM can be especially when done with friends who knows your limits and preferences. And so, they managed to give her a night filled with pleasure despite having been humiliated in public