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Video Title: BBC Tony Rope fucks me and gives me a facial
Model Name: Erin Moore
Video Duration: 19:38
File Size: 1.90 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Erin Moore is the adult actress who features in this video with BBC Tony Rope. She gets fucked by him using his massive dick, which makes her squirt multiple times. The fucking scene starts off slow but he picks up pace after some time.

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As Erin continues to get pounded by BBC Tony Rope’s hard cock, she suddenly feels a warm sensation all over her body. She realizes that it is the cum of BBC Tony Rope which has been sprayed on her face and hair. The facial look extremely glamorous but also very demeaning as Erin takes it with grace.

Erin Moore seems to be in a room filled with cables, wires, and other electronic components while she continues getting pounded by BBC Tony Rope’s dick. She is surrounded by machines which are being used for fucking her ass-region hard. The facial expression of Erin clearly tells us that the room has all kinds of electronics but not a single vibrator.

BBC Tony Rope finally pulls out his long cock from Erin’s tight pussy and starts to jerk off, spraying cum on her face as if it is raining. The facial expression of BBC Tony Rope clearly indicates that he loves fucking Erin Moore in this room full of cables and wires.