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Video Title: Vet Cures A Dogs Aggression
Model Name: Emmas Secret Life
Video Duration: 12:37
File Size: 440.74 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A man is working at a local veterinary clinic and one of his clients brings in an aggressive dog named Rex. The vet knows exactly how to relieve the dog’s pent-up hostility, by giving him blowjobs with a dog dildo. He starts licking the tip of the dogs cock and makes him pre-cum multiple times throughout the video.

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The vet wraps his tongue around Rex’s head and sucks off the dog like he is giving a sensual blowjob, this makes Rex go crazy and busts a fat cumload in the vets mouth. The man then spits on and continues to suck off Rex sensitive cock.

The vet knows that Rex will come back for more because of his love for getting oral from the man so he gives him another blowjob, but this time it is not just a regular one, it’s a deep throat. The dog can feel the mans tongue wrapped around his head and starts to pant heavily.

The vet has now become addicted to giving Rex sensual blowjobs with the dildo and he gives him another one, this time not holding back at all. He sucks on the dogs cock and makes him cum multiple times, gushing out doggy jizz from his mouth. The man knows that he can always come back for more if needed.