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Video Title: My Reward Is Your Pleasure
Model Name: Emmas Secret Life
Video Duration: 20:17
File Size: 472.65 MB
Video Resolution: 1846×880

The scene opens with the customer’s wife revealing her secret life as a high-end escort to him. She has been working in this capacity for years, but now feels it is time to move on and have someone else take care of her needs. As she explains her situation, she tries to entice her husband into becoming her pimp and taking over the business.

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The customer’s wife starts by explaining that he should not be upset about this revelation. She then proceeds to seduce him with dark and rough scenarios, aiming to corrupt him so she can be treated like a high-value sex worker. As the customer warms up to the idea, his wife offers more intense situations, asking for specific roleplay scenarios that cater to her unique needs.

As the customer’s wife continues to entice him, he becomes more and more involved in the business. She uses a vibrator to get herself off, while the customer is tasked with finding clients who can fulfill her unmet needs. The wife’s ultimate goal is to corrupt her husband, making him comfortable with her profession and even enjoying it.

The customer’s wife finally succeeds in corrupting her husband, and he becomes fully immersed in the world of high-end escort services. He now takes care of all aspects of the business, from finding new clients to providing the best possible service for his wife. The couple can now enjoy each other’s company, with the customer being able to provide his wife with the best possible service and attention.