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Video Title: Daddy teach his girls to squirt
Model Name: Emily Bee
Video Duration: 12:36
File Size: 2.82 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video is about a father teaching two of his daughters how to have an orgasm and produce a large quantity of female ejaculate fluid, or what is commonly known as ‘squirting’. It starts off with the daddies explaining that they want their girls to become good little sluts for them. He teaches the first daughter about fingering her pussy and rubbing it in different ways so she can feel pleasure

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The second daughter’s lesson is more focused on oral sex, as she learns how to deepthroat daddy’s huge cock. She also gets a few lessons of eating his ass, which he enjoys very much and makes sure that both girls are paying attention and learning this important skill

After the daughters have learned these skills, they put them into practice together with their daddy. They all wear sexy lingerie for each other’s pleasure and use different tools like vibrators to feel more intense orgasms and squirt even higher amounts of fluid

The last lesson is about hygiene and how important it is to clean up after such a satisfying session. The girls learn that this step will keep their daddy happy, which in return means they get treated well too