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Video Title: Creepy landlord make me wet 6 panties
Model Name: Emily Bee
Video Duration: 20:07
File Size: 2.91 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Emily has a creepy landlord who insists on receiving payment in the form of panties, which he then sells to make extra income. This time around, Emily agreed to do something special for her landlord as she was unable to pay rent due to some unforeseen circumstances. The video is about six pairs of panties being made dirty and wet by our heroine.

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To create such a scenario with the given details, let’s think that Emily has been collecting these panties for her landlord without realizing it because he keeps increasing the rent every month. When she finally realized what was happening, she decided to take one for the team and make six pairs of wet panties just for him. The video shows Emily interacting with this creepy old man while making his desired items.

As a responsible tenant, Emily has been trying her best to pay rent on time; however, when she faced financial difficulties, she agreed that it would be better if she could provide something more valuable for the landlord. She thinks that he will appreciate six pairs of panties more than just cash and is willing to go an extra mile by providing this service.

The video resolution used in ‘Creepy Landlord Makes Me Wet – Six Panties’ Full HD, which is perfect for seeing all the details of Emily interacting with her landlord. This time she has decided to make six pairs of panties that will be sold by him and help him collect some extra money on top.