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Video Title: Crazy ex blackmail u to get fucked
Model Name: Emily Bee
Video Duration: 16:29
File Size: 2.38 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A man enters his kitchen in the morning, expecting to find a peaceful and quiet environment, but instead he encounters his former lover. She is standing on the floor with her legs spread wide open, ready for some raw pounding action without any birth control protection. The woman seems obsessed with him and determined to have her way.

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She makes it clear that she has complete control over the man’s life by stating that he had an affair with her but stopped quickly because of his realization of her craziness, which could lead to dangerous consequences if not handled carefully. The woman threatens him with destroying the man’s wife, job, house and everything that he loves.

To prevent this destruction from happening, the man has no choice but to give in and start pounding his ex right there on the kitchen floor without any second thoughts or hesitation. He knows well that pleasing her is crucial for maintaining a peaceful life free of trouble, while she enjoys being pleased by him.

As time goes on, the man keeps visiting his crazy ex in secret places to give her more raw pounding pleasure and keep his life intact. The woman feels satisfied with this arrangement but still holds power over him. She can make a scene whenever she wants, making it impossible for him not to comply.