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Video Title: Sticking Tiny You In my Butt
Model Name: Elouise Please
Video Duration: 10:13
File Size: 1.44 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features a Giantess who has captured someone she calls 'tiny you' and is planning to punish them by sticking them inside her butt. The Giantess seems very confident that this tiny person will never escape, as they are trapped in a clear container specifically designed for this type of punishment.

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The video begins with the Giantess holding 'tiny you' up to her face and talking about how she wants to punish them. She then places him inside a special container that is part of her bra, making it impossible for him to escape without being stuck in one place.

The Giantess comes up with an excellent idea – she will stick 'tiny you' deep inside her butt as punishment. She can be seen talking to the tiny person and tormenting them about their fate, while also enjoying the feeling of having someone so close to her.

The video ends with the Giantess continuing to talk to 'tiny you' and making sure that they stay inside her butt for as long as possible. The resolution of this video is 1920×1080, allowing viewers to see every detail of the punishment being given to 'tiny you'.