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Video Title: Free Use Sex Slave
Model Name: Elouise Please
Video Duration: 10:16
File Size: 899.05 MB
Video Resolution: 1280×720

This video features Elouise Please in a ‘Free Use Sex Slave’ scenario. She is seen as an object for sexual gratification and is used by multiple people, with the title of being a ‘free use sex slave’. Despite this, she remains submissive and obedient to her masters.

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Throughout the 10 minute video, Elouise Please is subjected to various sexual acts including cumshots on her face. She begs for mercy but continues to be used in a degrading manner by different people. The resolution of the video is 1280×720 and it can be seen that she is treated as an object rather than a person.

As time goes on, Elouise Please becomes more desperate for freedom and release from this lifestyle. She pleads to be set free but continues to be used by different people in various sexual acts. Despite her struggles, she remains obedient and submissive to those around her.

This video showcases the idea of a ‘Free Use Sex Slave’ where one person is being used for multiple sexual gratifications. The title signifies that this person has no control over their body or actions, and they are simply there to please others without any regard for their own well-being.