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Video Title: My ex finally asked me to fuck her for the first time
Model Name: Ellyclutch
Video Duration: 31:40
File Size: 3.39 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with you and your ex in a dimly lit room. You can see some boxes piled up against the wall behind them.

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You have been together for quite some time now, but there are still plenty of sparks flying between you two as you get closer to each other while talking about random things and drinking wine out of a bottle.
She finally asks if she can join your team by giving you her virginity. The camera moves in close on her face, showing the excitement and anticipation before shifting focus to her body.

The foreplay is intense as both of you are getting more excited with each passing second. Her moans echo through the room while she lies naked on a big couch, legs spread wide open for your pleasure. You can feel how wet she is and how much fun it will be to plunge deep into her pussy.
After that foreplay scene ends, you finally get to inserting your hard dick into her as you both moan in pure satisfaction.

As the video progresses, there’s more emphasis on ass-fucking and creampie finishes. You can see how much pleasure it gives for both of you when you stick that big cock deep inside her anus while she rides another man with a strap-on.
Finally, your ex asks if you could cum into her mouth after teasing each other for such a long time. The video ends with the two of you cuddling together in post-coital bliss.