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Video Title: Your Cum to Seal the Deal: Gender Transformation
Model Name: Ellie Skyes
Video Duration: 17:45
File Size: 1.87 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Ellie Skyes is a longtime friend of someone who has a special skill – she can transform into a woman by consuming another man’s semen. The transformation includes getting breasts and a vagina, making it possible for her to show what being a woman feels like through up-close masturbation.

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The video starts with Ellie as a man, then transitions into the gender transformation after swallowing cum. She also shows off how she can transform back by consuming more semen and turning back into a male person who performs a striptease to finish the video

This content includes roleplay and POV shots of Ellie giving blowjobs, with the man’s load landing on her face or in her mouth. It is also possible to see body exploration and kinkiness throughout as she touches herself and enjoys both male and female pleasure

The video has a resolution of 1920×1080, providing high-quality visuals for those interested in transformation fantasies. The runtime is 17 minutes and 45 seconds long