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Video Title: That Time I Was Stuck in My Mom
Model Name: Ellie Skyes
Video Duration: 41:46
File Size: 3.74 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video is about a person who wanted to watch a horror movie with friends but knew their mother would not approve of the content. To get around this, they pretended that all was good and ended up seeing the film alone with mom. During the movie, there is a scene where bodies are swapped and the viewer finds themselves in their parent’s body. This person did not want to be stuck as someone else but had no choice. The video also includes roleplaying and kink elements.

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The person has a physical reaction when they see themselves as another person, getting turned on by it all. Mom is very attractive too so the idea of being intimate with her in this new body turns them on greatly. They decide to invite someone over for some mutual fun while mom watches and gets off on it.

The video has a high resolution and lasts 41 minutes and 46 seconds, making sure that every detail is clear from start till end. The person stuck in their mother’s body tries everything to return to normal but finds themselves getting more turned on by the experience with each passing second.

The model name for this video is Ellie Skyes