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Video Title: Don’t Skip Scary Movie Night with Your Sister
Model Name: Ellie Skyes
Video Duration: 29:37
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The annual scary movie night tradition between a brother and his sister is in full swing. The two have been watching horror movies together every Halloween, but this time the sister has a boyfriend who she prioritizes over her own brother. This makes the brother feel betrayed and he decides to make a statement by canceling their plans and continuing the tradition without her.

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The sister is aware of how much this annual event means to her brother, but still puts her relationship with her boyfriend above him. She even brings him into the mix for some taboo roleplay scenarios, pretending to be a bratty stripper who only cares about pleasing her man and not getting paid. Her brother can’t believe how much she has changed and decides that he too wants a piece of this action.

The sister is more than willing to help out with the POV sex scenes, using her cowgirl skills to tease him and get him excited for some kinky fun. She even offers up a creampie as a prize for being such an attentive lover. But when it comes down to choosing between his own sister or girlfriend, the brother chooses family every time.

The night is filled with laughter and spookiness, but at its core it’s about bonding over something that both of them love: horror movies. The annual scary movie night has become a tradition for this sibling duo, one they will continue to preserve even if the people around them don’t always understand what makes their relationship so special.