Ellie Idol – Faces Of Ellie: Playful On The First Date Free Leaked

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Model Name: Ellie Idol
Video Duration: 31:57
File Size: 3.42 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is a pornographic content featuring adult actress Ellie in her usual playful and flirtatious demeanor during her first date with a fan. The two met on a dating app, and after several conversations, they decided to meet for some sexy time.

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Ellie starts the date by testing the endurance of this fan’s ejaculation as he is required to cum twice within 30 minutes in front of her. She wants to make sure that her partner can keep up with her pace and satisfy her sexual needs, just like she has done countless times for him.

This video showcases the adult actress’ goofy side while still being able to maintain a dominant role. The fan must be attractive enough for Ellie as she brings him home for some steamy fun time, but at the same time, he should also have the endurance and stamina to keep up with her.

The video has a high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels in its duration of 31 minutes and 57 seconds. The title ‘FACES OF ELLIE: PLAYFUL ON THE FIRST DATE’ perfectly encapsulates the scenario where Ellie is testing her partner to see if he can keep up with her, making it more engaging for viewers.