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Model Name: Ellie Idol
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A group of people are attending a party in a house. There is a man who has placed a bet that he won’t get turned on by his ex-girlfriend’s feet, even after seeing her at the event. The woman believes this and proceeds to place her foot near his face, making him cum instantly.

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This man tries his best to not look at or touch his ex-girlfriend’s feet but fails as she moves closer to him. He is then forced to lick up another man’s jizz from her soles and swallow it in front of everyone present at the house party, embarrassing himself.

The woman proceeds further by revealing that she had given a footjob to someone else earlier in the day. The man realizes he has been humiliated once again but still tries not to look at or touch his ex-girlfriend’s feet. He can’t hold on for long and cums all over the floor while trying to win.

The woman then takes a photo of the man on his knees in front of her, eating cum from her foot, and posts it online making him known as ‘the guy who jerked off and ate his own cum all over the ex-girlfriend’s feet at a party’. He is now labeled as a ‘foot boy’, someone who worships women’s feet with no chance of winning.