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Video Title: the tiny man slave
Model Name: Divinebabe
Video Duration: 12:54
File Size: 1.83 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A small box was received in the mail and inside it found a miniature person who is eager to serve as a sex slave for one woman.
The first challenge that has been presented before this minuscule individual is to use their nipples to satisfy the recipient’s sexual needs. The tiny man is placed on top of the large protruding nub and then begins rubbing it between her fingers, but nothing happens except a growing sense of disappointment.

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The next trial that this minuscule person has been tasked with overcoming is to satisfy their owner by licking all parts of them including armpits. After several attempts the small being was able to complete it and then he was placed inside one of her anus for a more intimate experience but still too tiny to fully please his mistress.

The final challenge that this minusculture individual has been tasked with is pleasing their owner by inserting themselves into the woman’s most sensitive area – vagina. This time it was much harder than previously as they were unable to get deep enough and a special potion had to be used so he could shrink small enough for full insertion.

Throughout this whole ordeal, the tiny man has been very compliant in satisfying their owner’s needs even though it was not always able to fully please her. He understands that his minuscule size is a limitation and that he can only do so much with what he has but still tries hard each time.