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Video Title: Nurse Exam GG VR
Model Name: Destinationkat
Video Duration: 07:12
File Size: 532.20 MB
Video Resolution: 5760×2880

The video starts with Nurse Destinationkat in her medical uniform giving a full-body exam to patient Lilredvelvet, making sure everything is up to standard. She pays close attention to the condition of his penis and testicles while checking for any discomfort or irregularities.

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As she continues with the examination process, various tools are used such as an otoscope for looking inside ears and a stethoscope for listening to heartbeats. Nurse Destinationkat is particularly interested in Lilredvelvet’s vital signs and how well they match up with medical standards.

Finally, the video takes on a more personal level as both nurses engage in an intense VR session where they can touch each other without any restraints. This allows for full-on interaction using their hands to feel every inch of skin on the patient’s body and give detailed reports about his health.

This 180 degree, high definition virtual reality video is a unique experience that takes you deep into the world of medicine and nursing. It offers an unparalleled look at how healthcare professionals work together to provide quality care for their patients.