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Video Title: Submissive Mom Wants Cum
Model Name: Delphoxi
Video Duration: 13:32
File Size: 1.89 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Delphoxi is the mother of a grown man and she wants to be subservient to him in this video titled ‘Submissive Mom Wants Cum’. She uses her body as a way to please her son, specifically by having intercourse with him until he cums all over her. This mature woman desires attention and love from the person that raised her, even if it means being stepped on and degraded.

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This mother is not wearing anything but lingerie during this sexual encounter because she wants to feel connected to her son physically as well as emotionally. She believes that by making herself vulnerable through clothing choices, he will be more likely to reciprocate the love she feels for him. Her large tits and round ass are bouncing all over the place while being pounded on this bed with a man who has been taught everything good in life by his very own mother.

This mature woman’s vaginal walls and mouth become coated with cum after having sex with her son, making it impossible to not feel loved. The wetness is also transferring to the sheets they are laying on, soaking them for a longer period of time in this specific type of relationship.

The visual attraction that exists between mother and child is evident as she sucks him off, deepthroating his cock all while making eye contact with her baby. She can’t help but stare into the eyes of pure love, not wanting to let go even after he has climaxed multiple times.