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Video Title: Cucked & Extorted
Model Name: Darlingkiyomi
Video Duration: 10:55
File Size: 620.40 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is a home recording of one person using another person to extract money from the viewer.

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The viewer is made to feel like they are in an intimate relationship with this second person, who then proceeds to humiliate them by spending their hard-earned cash on someone else and making them feel powerless.

This feeling of helplessness and inferiority is heightened when the viewer realizes that even though they miss the first person and desperately want them back, they have no choice but to stroke their own penis while imagining this second person’s cock inside them.

The home recording format makes it seem like a regular video call between two people, adding an element of reality to the whole situation. The viewer is made to feel like just another participant in this call, when in fact they are being manipulated and extorted.