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Video Title: Tickled By Your Maid
Model Name: Darlingjosefin
Video Duration: 12:11
File Size: 880.79 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Darlingjosefin is a maid in this full-length porn video, and she finds her master handcuffed to the bed with underwear on. She starts cleaning the house but then realizes that he is not sleeping, instead tied up. Instead of getting embarrassed or feeling awkward about it, she enjoys being able to have fun with him while he is completely helpless.

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Darlingjosefin uses a feather duster as an instrument for tickling her master’s cock and thinks that this would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage. She starts by tickling his whole body, starting from head all the way down to toes but then focuses on what she believes will give him maximum pleasure.

In order to make sure he can cum as much as possible, Darlingjosefin uses her feather duster to tickle and tease her master’s cock. She does not want him to be uncomfortable so she pays attention to every inch of his body while making it fun for the both of them.

Being a maid in this porn video is just another day at work, but with Darlingjosefin as your housekeeper you will never feel unattended. She uses her hands and feather duster alike to bring happiness not only on people’s faces but also their genitals.