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Video Title: Wife Beg to fuck her officemate
Model Name: Creamberryfairy
Video Duration: 15:11
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A couple is sitting on a couch together, both fully clothed. The woman leans in and whispers something into her husband’s ear, then stands up and walks towards the man she works with. She proceeds to straddle him and grind her hips against his crotch.

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The wife then pulls her officemate’s shirt over his head before removing her own top, exposing her large breasts. The couple kisses passionately as they begin to undress each other further, with the woman taking charge of getting them both naked. She removes her husband’s pants and underwear, revealing a full erection.

The wife then mounts her officemate, guiding him inside her while looking deep into his eyes as they make love on top of the couch. The man closes his eyes and smiles before letting out an orgasmic moan. She pulls away from him just a little bit to let him finish.

The woman then proceeds to swallow her officemate’s cock, giving him head while looking deep into his eyes as they continue making love. The man finishes with a final thrust before pulling out and removing the condom, then laying on top of the wife as she gives him oral sex.