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Video Title: Daddy and Daughter Relationship #23
Model Name: Creamberryfairy
Video Duration: 20:22
File Size: 1.16 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The setting of this video is a home where the father-daughter relationship has reached an intimate level. The two have been engaging in sexual activity for some time now, but today they will be taking it to another level.

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In this specific scene, the daughter begs her daddy not to ejaculate inside her as she is still a virgin and wants to keep that status. However, he can’t resist her charms and gives in, filling his little girl with his warm seed.

This relationship is taboo for most people due to the power dynamic involved but these two have no issues crossing that line and enjoying each other’s company. The daughter being filled by her daddy in this way brings a unique level of intimacy between them, making their bond even stronger.

The setting then shifts as father and daughter are caught having sex on camera again. This time they know the risk but do not care about anyone who might see or what judgment could be passed on them. All that matters is being able to share this moment with each other.