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Video Title: I Made Codi Wet Her Yoga Pants
Model Name: Codi Vore
Video Duration: 04:41
File Size: 345.77 MB
Video Resolution: 1080×1920

Codi Vore is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. After finishing an intense workout session with her client, she drinks plenty of water but finds herself unable to go to the restroom due to you preventing it.

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`You’ are the one denying Codi access to the toilet because you enjoy watching her struggle and get angry about it. She starts feeling uncomfortable and begins wetting her yoga pants in front of you, eventually removing them and giving you a pair soaked with piss and cum.

Codi is visibly agitated now and tells you she’ll urinate on the floor if you don’t let her go. Her anger increases as time passes and it becomes clear that this situation will end up in a puddle of piss on your living room floor, but still, you refuse to give access.

Finally, Codi loses patience with you and bends over to reveal her wet ass and vagina. She’s wearing pink lacy underwear that is also soaked because she couldn’t hold it in any longer. You can see the full video of this scene from a portrait mode on your phone.