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Video Title: Sneaky with Mommy in Tight Spaces
Model Name: Clubdinasky
Video Duration: 34:46
File Size: 4.84 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This custom order is the third installment to a series called ‘Sneaking Around with Mommy & Convincing Mommy to be Sneaky Again’. The first portion takes place in a car, where mother and son are on a road trip. While driving, they encounter some disagreements with father causing mommy to become upset. Son tries to tease her in the back seat but becomes nervous when he realizes how close he is to his mother’s cock. He quickly pulls it out and sucks on it, trying to remain quiet so that father does not find out.

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As they stop at a gas station, son switches places with brother for a better view of mommy’s big tits. Mommy tries to cover up but cannot help but blow on her big tits, making them wet and sticky in the process. She becomes nervous and agrees that they must be more careful when engaging in sexual activities.

Later on, mother needs a shower after a long day of sneaking around with son. Son takes this opportunity to enter the bathroom and engage in virtual sex from behind while mommy is washing herself. He gives her a few more thrusts before she sucks him off and he squirts loads of cum all over her face.

Unfortunately, father has booked a bed room for himself, leaving only one bathroom for mother and son to share. Mother becomes frustrated but eventually agrees that they can mess around in tight spaces, just as long as they are careful not to get caught.