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Video Title: Hubby Teased Denied Humiliated JOI
Model Name: Ciren Verde
Video Duration: 09:26
File Size: 550.40 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Ciren Verde is a woman who enjoys being on Team BBC 100% and takes joy in humiliating her husband for not measuring up to the same level. In this video, she starts by degrading him while he jerks off at the foot of their bed.

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She then proceeds to tease him further as he tries to reach climax but fails repeatedly, with Ciren reminding her husband that he is not good enough for any woman. Her husband’s inability to satisfy his wife and others becomes a source of amusement and joy for Ciren.

Ciren Verde continues to degrade her husband throughout the video, making him feel small with each humiliating comment about his sexual prowess. She wears a team BBC tank top as she enjoys teasing him further by allowing only certain things, such as tasting and smelling her body.

To finish off this hot scene of humiliation, Ciren Verde speaks directly to the viewer, expressing gratitude for their support while simultaneously degrading them with a reminder that she is on Team BBC 100%.