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Video Title: Potty game
Model Name: Charlottemae
Video Duration: 18:25
File Size: 3.25 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Charlottemae has created a game that involves staying dry while also having to pee due to consuming three big cups of water before filming the video; named ‘Potty Game’, this challenge is taken up at home with no external factors affecting the outcome. The rules are simple: Stay on top and edge, but not wetting panties nor using the bathroom – which adds an extra layer of difficulty for our performer in a unique way.

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Charlottemae has to keep her panties dry while playing this game as it is the condition for reaching orgasm; she does various exercises such as jumping jacks, sit-ups and pressing her bladder against stool during edge challenges. The struggle of pee play becomes a topic at the end of video after completing all tasks.

This full HD 4K resolution ‘Potty Game’ is about Charlottemae playing with wetness while peeing in underwear and not using bathroom until it reaches orgasm, making sure to keep panties dry. She does various exercises during edge challenges that help her achieve this goal.

At the end of Potty Game video, there is a discussion about why pee play is important for Charlottemae; she explains all aspects and benefits in an educational manner while also sharing personal experiences.