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Video Title: My boyfriends desperation kink
Model Name: Charlottemae
Video Duration: 05:16
File Size: 945.33 MB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

The video starts with the girlfriend of a man who has a pee/desperation fetish. She is seen rushing to the bathroom, clearly in distress and needing to use the toilet urgently. The boyfriend is already seated on the toilet, enjoying the show as his girlfriend squirms and begs for him to get up.

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As she struggles to hold it in, her jeans become soaked and even the floor is not safe from her desperation. She pleads with her boyfriend to move and let her use the bathroom, but he just smiles and continues watching his partner struggle.

The girlfriend’s agony becomes more intense, and she starts begging for help. The boyfriend finally gets up and leaves the toilet seat for his partner, who quickly takes over and finishes what the man had started. The video ends with the woman leaving the bathroom, looking relieved but still a little embarrassed.

This desperate scenario is presented in full HD resolution, providing clear images of the girlfriend’s agony and discomfort. It runs for 5 minutes and 16 seconds and features one of our most popular models, Charlottemae.