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Video Title: First dates are for kinks
Model Name: Charlottemae
Video Duration: 10:09
File Size: 1.79 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A woman is standing in a kitchen surrounded by utensils and ingredients while cooking dinner for her first date with someone else who has not yet arrived at the house, but she keeps glimpsing of naughty places to give him an idea about what type of things he can look forward to once they meet. She wears a sexy and revealing dress that gives hints of her kinks and is sitting on the bed with you while flirting and finding out your sexual preferences, including water sports in which she invites you to watch as she pees for you.

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The woman tries to clean up around herself giving some glimpses from underneath her dress but eventually sits down revealing more of what is beneath it. She finds that you are into watching girls pee and asks if you would like to see a full video of hers while pleasuring yourself, making the date night memorable.

The woman has a way with words as she makes herself vulnerable in front of her potential lover by inviting him to join her on a peeing session. She talks about how excited and happy it makes her feel that you would watch this intimate act between two people, giving an idea about what kind of person she is.

The woman uses her words as weapons while also making sure there are no secrets between the both, expressing herself fully in front of a potential lover. She sits on the bed and starts peeing with you watching closely, encouraging that it would be nice to see your reaction too.